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Yoga Basics: Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone! This is a quick video (about 8 min. 30 seconds) on a few basic elements that help me in my yoga practice! Here is the outline of what I cover in the video:

  • Yoga is personal. Can't touch your toes? That is just fine! Each person's journey looks different. Your poses will vary in form from yogi to yogi. There a numerous types/styles of this artful way to move the body- Hatha, Power, Kundalini, Sport, Hot Yoga & more! You choose your desired style of yoga, based on your personality & wellness/exercise goals! With each pose, you will grow :)

  • Vinyasas (routines, flows) can be creative! Take your time and be patient with yourself. Decide what poses are good for YOUR body. Take a pose by pose, day by day. When training for a marathon, you do not run the entire 26 miles to begin your training... you start with a mile. Start with one pose or one short vinyasa.

  • Breathing into the space to increase the stretch in each pose.

  • Foot support (Sparthos, Fit Kicks, etc.) to consider.

- Fit Kicks (women)

- Fit Kicks (Men)

- Sparthos (ankle support)

  • Tools & props can be helpful, such as the block and strap.

- Gaiam's Block & Strap Kit

- Gaiam's Yoga Block

  • Be safe and always go to your personal level of intensity (point of challenge).

You decide what you want your yoga-style and journey to look like. :)

Be safe and give yourself room to bloom!

In Grace,






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