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Winter Skin Care

Do you get dry, irritated skin in the cold months? I do! The northern Maine winds have a way of slapping my skin into redness and irritation. And I have to say, these masks do not help with skin 'de-congestion & clarity.' My skin is higher maintenance more than ever!

I shift into 'extra skincare mode' once I see the tree's leaves twirling to the ground, exiting autumn, and preparing for winter. I have slowly learned over the years that I can no longer neglect my largest organ (skin). It seems to plead for my attention as each year ticks by. At this point in my 'aging gracefully' journey, I enrich my skin every winter with oils, supportive supplements, and hydrating natural-based products. Here are a few of my skincare staples:

Winter Skincare To-Do's

* Cleanse with a moisturizing, gentle cleaner, such as La Roche-Posay Foam Cleanser or Heritage's Colloidal Silver Foam Cleanser

* Protect your skin with a CC Cream our tinted primer + moisturizer. Ideally, you would choose one that has SPF. Even though the sun seems to be hiding behind the snow squalls, its rays still reach our skin. My go-to is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer: For a primer, check out Tula's Blurring Primer (has superfoods + probiotics!):

* Take a supplement to support not only skin health but immune health, such as Zinc and Probiotics. I like Mary Ruth's Beauty Probiotic: I also suggest an Omega 3 or Vitamin E to moisturize your skin barrier from the inside out.

* Add to your regimen a hydrating oil or serum, such as Derma E Anti Wrinkle Oil:

* Exfoliate. Since my skin is so sensitive, I only exfoliate once every other week. I realize the experts advise one to three times a week, but that is too much for my face. When I do exfoliate, I prefer using my gentle cleanser with a Konjac facial sponge. The sponge itself acts as an exfoliating tool:

* I love a toner and/or facial mist. I find them soothing and refreshing, morning, midday, and evening. My favorite right now is a water-based, light, non-scented product, Mary Ruth Organics Probiotic Spray:

I am certainly open to what you may have in your arsenal of skincare when the winds whip and the temperatures drop... Please share!

In Grace,







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