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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I am writing this on August 23rd, 2020. The official kick-off to autumn (the equinox) is September 22nd, about one month away. If you live in New England, you may want to 'get ready.' Yes, the beauty of fall's changing leave's color is a wonderful sight! However, soon after that, you will awake to the aromas of cool, crisp air, letting us know, winter is on the wind, arriving soon. I have found that preparing myself for the long, often frigid winter ahead makes it more bearable. Here in Maine, it seems like our relentless winter season takes up half of the year- 6 months of snow, cold, winds, and did I say loads of snow? Below are some ways, or ideas if you will, to help make the winter not just more tolerable, but perhaps enjoyable. You can cultivate certain areas of your life in the depths of winter, taking time to focus on relationships, hobbies, health, and your heart's center/faith/spiritual walk.

I equip myself with self-care items, from moisturizers (skin can get so dry and chapped in the cold months), vitamin D (since we are depleted from the sun's beautiful warmth), and exercise equipment (that I can use in the privacy of my own home), keeping myself motivated throughout the holidays! I am leady going through the list in my head of what I need to thrive in the winter. Example: Though I love to snowshoe, I also enjoy sitting in the warmth of our home by the woodstove, engaging in my favorite hobbies of writing and reading. Perhaps you do too? So, I'll include some books in my resource list too... Let's get prepped for winter's presence, and try to find the beauty in this season. Let's meander through these few areas of wellness that we can take extra care and joy in, with the following resources:


SUPPLEMENTS (Vitamin D is essential during the winter in New England)




Do you have any ideas of how to stay healthy & inspired amidst the changing of the seasons? Please share in the comments! I'd love to learn from YOU! :-)

Be Well,

Cara Iris

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