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Traditional Chinese Medicine, Featuring IN: Total Wellness

I have a deep appreciation for women who take the sufferings of their own experiences, and transform them into healing wisdom to share with others! It's beyond inspiring to learn how a soul can take the ashes of life and make something beautiful. Since I believe in the power of plants providing elements of healing to our systems, I can't help but support others who further this mission and the ancient passion of botanical medicine!

Simone Wan is one of those wise, passionate souls.

Simone Wan, founder and CEO of IN:Total Wellness, is a licensed Chinese Herbalist, health care provider, and acupuncturist who has been treating thousands of patients with pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness for over 15 years. She was motivated by her personal experience with trauma, pain, anxiety, and opioid addiction, which she ultimately healed herself from, with the support of Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork. Simone shares, “Using pharmaceuticals to alleviate these issues for a short period may be necessary, but for more chronic symptoms, finding a natural alternative can be a much healthier approach.” She created IN: Total Wellness to help people naturally overcome the side effects of trauma, such as anxiety, insomnia/poor sleep, and inflammation in the body. Her herbal elixirs of effervescent drink mixes have helped countless people step into their healing journey and holistically bring balance to their wellbeing.

I purchased some of her herbal elixirs of effervescent drink mixes for my loved ones this Christmas. The blends are detailed in their healing profiles, and all of the ingredients are natural and pure. Simone offers 3 blends that target these main areas of well-being:

  • IN: Peace (for stress)

  • IN: Motion (for movement/inflammation)

  • IN: Dream (for sleep).

You can find her products and learn more about Simone Wan at her website:

In which area(s) of wellness do you need restoration?

In Grace,














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