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The Great Red Oak Tree

Did you know that the Red Oak Tree is not only a gorgeous sight to see, but also incredibly medicinal in nature, specifically in its bark? Read on to learn about this great, healing tree...

  • The Red Oak (Quercus rubra) is a tall tree, reaching heights of more than 70 feet. It grows in hardiness zones of 5 through 8. The leaves have a distinguishing pointed look and offer colorful autumn foliage.

  • Red Oak, also known as North Red Oak is native to North America.

  • Various parts of this tree proved to be quite useful to several Native Americans. The bark holds a rich history of medicinal application, often used as a powerful astringent for treatment of throat and mouth infections, as well as irritated, bleeding gums.

  • Oak bark tinctures and extracts have been studied for use in the support of ridding kidney infections, as well as kidney stones.

  • The Ojibwa Indians used oak bark for heart and bronchial health.

  • USDA states, “Northern red oak is an important source of hardwood lumber. The wood is close-grained, heavy, and hard; it machines well and accepts a variety of finishes. It is used for furniture, veneer, interior finishing, cabinets, paneling, and flooring as well as for... posts and railway ties.”

  • Preparation Methods: Oak bark can be brewed into an astringent decoction that can be taken as a tea, or used in skin or mouthwashes. Use it in a cold compress for mild burns and cuts. Oak bark powder can be used in toothpaste.


Find a Red Oak today and say hello!

In Grace,


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