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Summer Shopping~ Books, Beauty, & Buyer's Discount Code!

For those of you who do not know me, HELLO! My name is Cara Iris Miller and I am multi-entrepreneurial, with my focus revolving around the wonderful worlds of wellness and writing! I am a therapeutic bodyworker, yoga instructor, wellness coach, blogger (thank you for visiting my blog!), author of novellas (short books) & ebooks/printables, and I also create botanical products. You can find all of these items at my Inspired Wellness Etsy shop, Wellness & Writing:

  • Read on for a Discount Code & Shipping Deal!

  • Botanical Beauty Spray (image above)- my most popular skincare item!

  • Please use this new discount code for 10% off your next order: SUMMER10 (active until July 31st, 2020).

  • FREE Shipping & Handling with orders of $35 or more.

  • 2 NEW Botanical Skincare products:

- Iris Essence, a natural aromatherapy perfume, coconut, argan, & vitamin E blend with aromas of light floral, sweet violets, iris, with a touch of wild rose.

- Skin Nourish Facial Oil, with jasmine-like, lush tropical garden aromas! De-puffing, anti-aging, hydrating, moisturizing, with a high concentration of healing antioxidants.

Essence, Volume 2 in the Botanical Spirit Series is now RELEASED! * Get a signed copy here: Lydia and Stone have embraced their love for one another and venture onto new heights in the second book of this Botanical Spirits series. Raya, Stone's niece spends her summer at the farm, adding to The Sanctuary her naturopathic skills and radiant spirit. Soon she finds a friend in Lee Wolfe, a man who knows the woods, and the ways of a lost soul. Trouble brews in the air, as the farm suffers from chemical smothering. Saving the farm from dangers nearby is only part of their story. Saving themselves from one another is the near-impossible, tumultuous journey ahead in Essence. Can the farm survive the threat that poisons the trees and suffocates the herbs? Will the strong connection between Raya and Lee add life or bring destruction to their summer on the farm? This unique bond will make you consider the soul's ability to love, crash, and collide. Can one soul save another?

I love summer reading, in the sunshine (remember to wear mineral SPF), with a glass of herbal ice tea or white wine! What are you reading this summer?

In Grace,


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