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So Many Supplements!~ Quick Guide


  • Look for a whole-food-based versus synthetic.

  • Read the ingredients list. There is no need for artificial flavors, artificial colors, MSG, hydrogenated oils, aspartame, or corn syrup to be an ingredient.

  • Do your research on companies/brands. Many have high-quality practices in place to create wholesome, healthy supplements.

  • Homework: Read the back of many kid-focused vitamins. Examine the ingredients. You will most often find artificial sweeteners and colors. Research has shown these additives to contribute to conditions such as ADD and ADHD.

  • Choose your form of supplement: Tea, tincture, capsule, powder, topical (i.e. patches, creams, etc).


  1. What are your health concerns/goals?

  2. Research what supplements address that concern/goal?

  3. Speak with supplement companies, nutritionists, pharmacists, wellness coaches, and your primary care provider(s) for guidance. * Disclaimer: Remember, what works well for one person may not work well for you! We are individualized beings with different DNA makeups, different blood types, and different sensitivities. There are some supplements that are NOT recommended to pair with certain medications. Example: Do not take large amounts of garlic or omega 3's with blood thinner medications. Choose your supplements with this fact in mind.

  4. A general suggestion is to take a supplement faithfully 1 to 3 months to notice the effects. Discontinue immediately if you notice any negative side effects (skin rashes, abdominal pain, migraines, etc).

  5. Keep a journal to document your progress and how you feel with each supplement. List the details of each one (brand, dosage, etc).

SUGGESTED SUPPLEMENTS (think of as an Insurance Policy for the body):

  • Multi-Vitamin IF you do not eat a healthy balanced diet.

  • MCT/Coconut Oil IF you have a thyroid issue or dry skin. * Why is it crucial to protect the skin??? The skin is our great barrier, a full body armor, and it’s our largest organ!

  • Omega 3’s IF you have inflammation, joint pain, or cardiac concerns. IF you are over 50, have a lack of circulation (such as Raynaud’s), cardiovascular issues, and/or chronic low energy levels.

  • Probiotics IF your immunity is suppressed, you have taken antibiotics in the past, and/ or you have poor digestion. * 50 billion count is ideal.

  • Enzymes IF you have acid reflux, constipation, bloating, indigestion.

  • Magnesium IF you have hypertension or muscular cramping i.e. Charlie horses, foot cramps, or menstrual cramps.

  • Vitamin C IF you are susceptible to viruses, or any autoimmune conditions.

  • Garlic IF you have hypertension, candida (yeast), or in need of HDL (healthy cholesterol) support.

  • Green Tea Extract IF you’ve smoked (contain Catechins- powerful anti-carcinogen).

  • Medicinal Mushrooms IF you have had any cancer scares.

  • B Complex (especially B 12) IF you are lethargic or experience Angina.

  • Echinacea IF you have a low white blood cell count or a cold hits you.

  • Collagen IF you are in need of joint support or have poor skin quality.

  • Lysine IF you are prone to Cold Sores or Shingles.

  • Zinc IF you have skin issues (blemishes) or compromised immunity.

  • Melatonin IF trouble sleeping (start at a low dose of 1-3mg per night).

  • Herbal Detox supplements IF you feel your body is in need of specific cleansing: Turmeric (inflammation), Milk Thistle (liver support), Dandelion/Burdock (general detox), Red Beet (blood cleanser).

  • * Vitamin D3 IF your levels are less than 35 mg/dl. Optimally you want to be 50+. The suggested average dosage during Maine winter months is 5,000 IUs per day. * 25 (OH) D Blood Test.

* Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency: Low energy/mood, depression, ‘winter blues’, muscle or bone pain, dry skin, poor immunity, muscle cramping.


Vitacost (supplements, natural food, & more at great prices):

Quality Brands (not an inclusive total list, and not in any particular order):

Jarrow Formulas, Garden of Life, New Chapter, Solaray, Rainbow Light, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Axe, Well Roots, Irwin Naturals, MegaFood, Future Biotics, Medi-Herb, Standard Process, Pure, Metagenics, Kyolic, NeoCell, Avena Botanicals, Garden of Life & My Kind Organics, Amazing Grass, Sunfood, Navitas, Bluebonnet Nutrition, Gaia, Himalaya, Life Extension, Nordic Naturals, Redd Remedies, Reserveage, Oregon's Wild Harvest, Republic of Tea.

Please share what supplements have done you some goodness!

In Grace,


*Disclaimer: This is for your educational purposes only. Please consult with a healthcare professional on guidance with supplementation.




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