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Skin deep~ Does skincare matter?

The older I get the more concerned with skincare I become (for obvious reasons). However, it's not solely for vanity's sake. It's also for the quality and longevity of the largest organ I have- my skin! Our flesh covering is our great protector, a constant barrier against the elements. It's an impressive invention! How does it absorb, breathe, sweat, and shed trillions of skin cells every year? I realize that description may be unappealing, but the fact is, if you ignore your skin, it may not give you the attention you had hoped for as the years go by. As a therapeutic bodyworker, I have observed some supple, nourished, healthy skin in seventy-year-olds, and quite the opposite- dry, cracked, blemished skin in a thirty-something-year-old. Age is not the only factor in skin status. Diet, exercise, sun damage, hydration smoking, alcohol intake, and what we use ON our skin MATTERS! Did you know that a percentage of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream? You may want to consider halting the use of any chemical-based products that you may be hoping will transition your appearance.

As our skin ages, it's very common to find age spots, hyperpigmentation, and even sensitivity. This is normal and nothing to panic about. However, it is wise to go on a journey to find the best habits for the maintenance and cell recovery of your skin. Our skin cells are constantly vulnerable, being our outside layer. Just like any other cells in the body, if damaged and mutated, there is the potential for cancer. Again, this is why we should treat our skin with extra care. Allow me to share with you 5 changes I've made in my skincare habits over the years (now turning 40). Many of these are simple, so do not worry. I won't push $100 super serums on you (though they'd be fun to try if we had the kind of money to spend)!

  • Hydrate. The no-brainer suggestion. However, I have this to share with you: I do not love drinking the 64+ ounces a day. It is often too much for my belly. But, I love tea, so that is my trick! I certainly drink pure water (I carry a 32 oz. water bottle with me everywhere). I make herbal teas, daily, hot and iced, depending on the season. And for an added bonus, you can choose specific herbs to help with skin vibrancy! One of my favorites is The Republic of Tea's Beautifying Botanicals:

  • Use toner. I do this at night for toning and deep cleansing purposes. After washing your face, you may be surprised to find lingering residue with a few swipes of your flat cotton pad soaked in toner. At-home tip: Use your tea bags before discarding them as a facial pad toner. I love using green tea bags on my under eyes! Right now I am using this botanical toner:

  • Facial oils & serums: I've grown to appreciate these multi-beneficial skin cocktails. I often add a few drops to my tinted moisturizer to lock in added moisture. I seek out natural, pure ingredients. This is one I formulated for my sensitive skin:

  • Apply tinted moisturizer daily with SPF. When I was younger I gave zero care to sun damage. Though I believe the sunshine holds healing powers (such as vitamin D and serotonin mood-boosting effects), I have also learned that too much of a good thing is a bad thing in the case of UV rays. My favorite tinted moisturizer thus far is by Bare Minerals:

  • Consume collagen. Like everything else, our bodies make less and less collagen as we age. It is the elastic-like protein that adds fortitude to our skin. Consuming collagen-based foods and/or supplements can help aid the body in its supply. Bone broths are one of the best collagen food sources. Check out this blog post for collagen supplement suggestions:

What are your skincare secrets?

In Grace,


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