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Self-Care for Introverts

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Are you an introvert? I can finally stand up and say boldly, "I am a genuine introvert." For years, I painstakingly wondered, "What is my deal? Why do I yearn to be alone, for quiet, for peace of mind, for sanctuary? Why is it such hard work to be amidst constant noise and stimulation? Why do I have an internal time limit of how long I can linger around a crowd? Is it normal to only be able to fully recharge solely?" Sound familiar?

With a heart of thanks to my God, my Husband, and my lessons of age, I've now recognized and become comfortable with my introversion. I've been this kind of soul since I was a child. It is who I am, and I now walk in it with grace and peace. Insert a long, lovely sigh of acceptance here- Siiiiiiigh. So, in an effort to breathe edification into you, dear ones (unless you are an extrovert, and if so, know that you amaze me!)...

Here are 4 superb resources & actions to support your genuine, introverted self:

  • Earthing or Grounding. I am a walker, jogger, and hiker. Each of these type of exercises have a place in my life. However, earthing has an added therapeutic element that I enjoy. Earthing (or grounding) refers to walking barefoot outside. The principal behind this is to connect with the Earth's electrons from the ground so they go into the body. Studies have shown earthing to provide benefits of stress reduction, pain relief, improved sleep, and clearer cognitive function.

As I strong introvert myself, I adore this book!  So much of it resonated with me, that is actually made me feel a bit more normal, versus the exception to the extroverted world.  This read focuses on the fact that introverts have the need to detach and recharge, in order to restore from the interactions and responsibilities in life.  It is clear that extroverts tend to recharge in very different ways than introverts.  We should build self-awareness and have healthy practices in place, so as to not become depleted, and allow our more outgoing friends/family convince us that we should be more social, expressive, present, etc. The author provides wonderful self-care ideas tailored to the introvert in both physical and mental/emotional care. Consider this a handbook for you if you need a soothing dose of nourishment to your soul.  Learn to push away guilt and mental clutter, and clarify your path of not only wellness for yourself but to be ready to serve others at your best. To find this soothing book, go to:

  • The Calm App: Even if you only have a few shorts moments in your day, this app can add to your chill mode. It is being used in many schools now and shown to provide magically soothing results! If you are feeling overwhelmed in this world, calm your mind with meditation.

  • Online Yoga Classes (so you can enjoy them in your own space):




I have so many more resources that I cold share with you all. One that goes without saying is my faith. God's Shalom peace and presence is my ultimate resting place.

What do you do for self-care to bring you balance and peace?

In Grace~














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