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Re-Awaken Your Wellness!

Still feeling stuck on the winter blues, post-pandemic haze? You are no not alone!

Try the following ideas to refresh, and re-awaken you to hope, joy, and wellness!

* GIVEAWAY: Add a comment to this post and be entered into the Spring Wellness Basket Giveaway! Ends April 4th, 2021. More details below.

5 Ways to Re-Awaken you to a new day, a new season of well-being:

1. In need of a pedicure? Our poor toes have been hiding all winter! Try a Pedicure Kit from Olive & June:

2. Still working remotely? Make your work from home a more efficient setup. Consider investing in items that will help your productivity, and support a healthy work-station. Have you tried a standing desk option? Here are a few:

3. Nature Walks. Consider investing in hybrid sneakers that you can use on the road and off-road! Commit to a walking plan, even if 3x a week to start. Did you know that walking is one of the best exercises for your heart & bones/joints? Check out:

4. Aromatherapy. Ready, Set, Diffuse! Essential oils can boost an atmosphere with healthy properties, such as immunity support, relaxation, or a burst of energy! Use pure essential oils (chemical fragrances are no good for us) and a diffuser (Amazon has a million of them). Find your favorite aromas:

5. Engage your brain. Be inspired! Consider picking up a book with a topic you've wanted to learn more about: Gardening, Finances/Investing, Cooking... skies the limit!

Your turn! How do you re-awaken your wellness??? COMMENT BELOW.

What's in the basket? (value $120+)

2 books, Youg Living oil carrier bag, Organic greens powder, Madison Reed Hair Gloss, Pukka honey ginger lemon tea, Iris essence perfume, Oceans aromatherapy roll-on, Honey herb face cleanser, Derma-E face peel mask, Maiden's facial toner, Burt's Bees lip balm, 2 Chocolove chocolate bars, Eco tool body loofah, Immune defense skin patches, & Young Living Bergamot oil (not pictured) an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil.

* To qualify for entering, you must post a comment to this blog post by April 4th, 2021.

* This is a random drawing. One winner notified by April 10th, 2021.

Be Well,


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