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Protect Your Immunity Naturally

Winter is soon approaching, so I hope you have your immune-super powers arsenal ready! It is not secret that in the cold months, we lack sunlight, vitamin D, as well as low endorphin and serotonin (happy hormones) production. These factors can all have a negative impact on your overall immune health. A weak immune system can set us up to allowing invaders wiz past our defenses (think holes in your army lines), and attack our health. Get yourself armed and ready for the winter battles ahead. Try the following five suggestions of supplements and techniques to defend your cells and increase your immune strength!

  • Fresh Air: I understand it gets to freeizing temps n the winter. Trust me, I live in Maine, so I get the challenge. However, fresh air for even a short duration (10 to 15 minutes) can increase cardiovascular function, blood circulation, and release endorphins, therefore boosting your mood, energy, & overall well being. So, make it a lan to go for winter walk, snow shoes, or an eve of star gazing with hot tea or cocoa by an outdoor fire (in your full winter gear, of course). If you loathe the chilling temps of winter, at the very least try purifying your internal air with a diffuser. Use oils that will purify your space, such as

NOW Essential Oils Woodland Walk Blend 1 fl oz

Simplers Botanicals Organic Purify Air & Home Oil Blend

NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Faux Wood Grain Oil Diffuser 1 Diffuser

  • Vitamin D: As I mentioned earlier, we all lack this vital vitamin in the autumn and winter. When the sunshine hides its face, we should be missing it. Vitamin D has a unique ability to act like a hormone on our body, hence why we feel SO GOOD after a day of fun in the sun! Too little of vitamin D can cause significant side effects, such as low energy, muscle or bone pain, and depression. Consider taking a vitamin D3 supplement when you are not able to be outside, smiling at the sun! Pairing D with vitamin K can help with the synergy of our body's ability to absorb and efficiently use vitamin D.

Zhou K2 plus D3 60 (Gummies form)

Ancient Nutrition Ancient Nutrients Vitamin D 5000 IU - 60 Caps

  • Garlic: Oh, I could go on and on about the super powers of garlic, but to save you the ten page report, I will simply highlight its amazing properties, which are... Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and studies show garlic can help lower blood pressure, calm ear infections, and support the healing of respiratory infections. You can supplement with garlic, but I suggest growing it in your garden each year... or buying organic garlic to have on hand. Garlic stores well, but you can also can or freeze it! Organic garlic sold here:

  • Colostrum: This is one you may not be familiar with. What is Colostrum? It is nature's first line of defense. It is the nutrient rich serum that comes from the mother after birth. It is breast milk like, but super-charged with immune protective properties to set the baby up for natural immunity and a healthy immune response. This is one of the main reasons why breast feeding is so important! Colostrum supports something called immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, and IgM, IgG) in our body (protective immune cells) and help our GI tract (maintaining a healthy intestinal flora balance). How do we get this power house serum now that we are all grown up? Supplementation!

Symbiotics Colostrum High-Ig 120 Veg Caps

  • Vitamin C: Old faithful vitamin C. Easily obtained through diet, such as citrus fruit, strawberries, and kiwis. It is a smart plan to have a back-up source of vitamin C in case you are feeling under the weather. Vitamin C can especially help fight viral load, lowering our risk of sickness, and possibly shortening durations of virus induced issues. I like absorbic acid vitamin C, since it is optimal for our body to absorb and utilize. I also like to obtain vitamin C from food, and whole food based supplements such as Acerola Cherry Extract and Rosehips.

Garden of Life RAW Vitamin C:

  • A few others worthy of our time and investment into our wellness: Zinc (I always take this in the winter), herbal teas such as Manuka Honey or Raw Honey, Echinacea, Elderberry, and Probiotics, and Quercetin.

What's in your arsenal this winter?

Be Well,


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