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New Year's Holistic Self-Care Goals

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Balance. Well rounded self-care. Investing in one's self. Breathe. To thine own self be true! Do any of these meditations ring a refreshing bell sound of 'resolutions'?!

Tis the season to make new goals and fail miserably! A bit of sarcasm for you... but, it's no secret resolutions often find their way to the infamous new year trash can within a few weeks. Let's try standing on our head (figuratively), and look at the new year, new you from a more inspiring perspective! Facts (at least, I believe these are factual):

1. We each have this one life to live.

2. No one else will or can take direct care of you better than yourself.

3. Time is wasting. Today is almost done.

4. The time is NOW to begin your goals, dreams, and health aspirations!

Kick your gumption into high gear! It is time to take care of YOU! Are you struggling in some area of your life? Answer: YES, we all are to some degree! You may not be able to 100% fix this issue, restore it, or magically make it brand new... However, you can make some mark of positive difference, a touch of forward-moving, and healthy evolving!

Most of us are aware that our health is holistic- we are much more than this shell of a body. We are souls that are affected by other people, air quality, nutrients, energy and more! When looking at our well being, we can safely break it up into 7 (ish) main areas: Physical, Spiritual, Social, Environmental, Financial, Emotional/Mental, and Nutritional. I am sure there is room for debate as to which ones weigh-in more than the other, and perhaps there are some additional categories we could consider. For now, let's explore these 7 areas and fashion them like arrows pointing towards holistic health-focused goal ideas to run after in 2020!

  • Physical: Be kinder to your skin and hair. Take care of yourself more naturally, saving your locks and largest organic (the skin) from thousands of chemicals in many commercial products. Check out these botanical skin & hair care lines: True Botanicals, Avene, Skin Actives, Juice Beauty‎

  • Spiritual: I always love to start the new year off with a spiritually engaging book. This year, mine is "Chase The Lion," by Mark Batterson. A few others I've gleaned from in years past: "Anam Cara- A Book of Celtic Wisdom," by John O'Donohue. "Bread & Wine- A Love Letter to Life Around the Table," by Shauna Niequist. "Draw The Circle- 40 Day Prayer Challenge," by Mark Batterson.

  • Social: Find a local club or class with a hobby you get excited about, such as a Book Club, Quilting Club, Cooking Class, Gardening Class, etc. There are some online options for these things, such as: Creative Live, Hello Sunshine Book Club

  • Environmental: Purify your air! Diffusers and essential oils are one way to do just that. Another effective way is purchasing an eco, non-toxic mattress. Check out: Saatva, Layla, Avocado‎

  • Financial: Get financial savvy with these excellent resources: Acorns, Her Money, Crown Financial, The Financial Diet

  • Emotional/Mental: Depending on where you are at in your life, certain supplements may be helpful to stabilize emotions and support mental function. Natural supplements such as Vitamin D, 5HTP, Omega 3's, and St. John's Wort can enhance mood, energy levels, and encourage cognitive performance. Vitacost's Healthy Living Shop

  • Nutritional: Create more wholesome meals. If this thought overwhelms you, make it easier on yourself and let one of these companies plan the meals (provide the recipes & ingredients) for you! Blue Apron‎ Sun Basket‎, Purple Carrot‎

Cheers to you! May 2020 be filled with an abundance of wellness in your world!

In Grace,












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