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Need a stirring of faith?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

I am looking at a golden sun right now. In late September of a northern Maine autumn, the sun is getting more radiant gold with each passing day. I am in awe of not just the beauty, but the power of the sun. It serves as a reminder of how small and fragile we are, yet as long as the sun is still rising and setting, we are chosen to do work on this planet, to step into positive action, to fulfill our soul's call.

I have a precious friend who is currently in a situation where she feels as though she is sinking. Her soul aches because her hope is fading. Without hope, a heart feels sick, almost lifeless. When I pray for her, I ask God to be like the sun, shining on her face, reminding her of His great might and that He will rescue her. He is her hope and soon, she will see that He makes everything beautiful in His time.

When I am in a season of struggle, one of my tactics is to purchase a new book- one that is faith-based and with a level of a topic I can relate to at that phase of life. I gifted one of the referenced below books to my friend, in hopes it would awaken her soul to living and knowing God's love once again. Because in His love is more than just love (although that is the ultimate of who God is)... but it is His woven plans for you, your gifts, your specialized existence! May these two books stir up your spirit of faith and empower you to LIVE with HOPE!

Here are my personal reviews of these two books...

  • Draw The Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge, By Mark Batterson

The practice of drawing a circle signifies standing firm and faithful in prayer. Batterson writes 40 days of prayer focuses, lessons, and his own experiences to reveal to the reader how God can and does move. This book is motivating in awaking one’s prayer life.  It reminds us that prayer is active, and when done with a fervent heart, you see prayers come to life! You will want to keep a pen and paper handy to take holy spirit inspired notes.  I appreciate that the chapters/days are typically 5 pages in length- a quick but effective way to start the day! Batterson’s writing is easy and enjoyable with powerful messages!

* Find it at:

  • Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife, By Eben Alexander, M.D.

I bought this book when my cherished Grandmother past away last winter. I needed reassurance for my broken heart that she was embraced, even though I could not be the one to hold her. Though I am a person of deep-rooted faith, I yearned for concrete comfort to what laid waiting for us after death. I needed a reminder of the great promise that my Grandma was loved and with her Maker.

The author is a man of medical science takes the reader on a journey full of light, truth, and love, as he unfolds the afterlife experience he personally touched.  Dr. Alexander’s near-death experience is profoundly unique due to the treacherous condition he was diagnosed with, along with the destruction of function in his brain.  He is able to prove evidence that this NDE was not a fabricated dream from his sub-conscience. It was a vibrant journey that took him away from his coma laden bed, and brought him to levels of a new world! Prior to this, Dr. Alexander could not scientifically agree in the theory of heaven or even the soul.  Now, surviving what was a medical miracle, he speaks (and writes) his personal story as a testimony of the great gift of knowing God.

* Find this awe-striking book at:

What books or other inspiring resources do you go to when you are in a spiritual rut or battle?

In Grace,












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