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Nature-Inspired Spring Cleaning!

First things first, take a deep breath.

Let's purify your indoor air! With many of us staying at home now, personally and professionally, you may be surprised to know there is a 'quiet health risk' in staying cooped up inside. It's not just about our mental health, with the pressures of the schedule/routine changes. It's your indoor air supply effecting your physical well being.

   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states: "Indoor air contains deadly contaminants and pollutants." In a word (well, three words): breathing stale air. It often contains: chemicals, mold spores, germs, allergens, residue particles from things such as building supplies (wood, paints, stains), and chemical cleaners. This can be harmful to your overall health! Actions to take to limit your internal exposure:

Do you have a natural cleaning formula or action you take to bask in nature's wonders and support your health during this time?

In Grace,


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