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Managing Fibromyalgia

Updated: Jun 15, 2022



Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain, tenderness, inflammation, and stiffness of muscles and associated connective tissue, including the thin layer of sheath (myelin sheath) that covers our muscular system. This condition typically accompanies fatigue. It is interesting to note that an estimated 85-90% of fibromyalgia patients are women. (


  • Muscular inflammation and unexplained muscle pain

  • During flare-ups, chronic body aching

  • Weak muscles

  • Lack of deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep

  • Depression and sadness

  • Prolonged exhaustion after physical or mental activity

  • Chronic fatigue (diagnosis of chronic fatigue is often paired with Fibromyalgia). In 2013, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, who specializes in the treatment of both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia estimated the combined incidence of CFS & FMS is in the range of 12 to 24 million.

Identifying Root Causes, Contributing Factors & Triggers:

  • Genetics

  • Toxic diet (high inflammatory foods, processed foods, artificial sweeteners).

  • In The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution, Dr. Teitelbaum explains that a modern-day “perfect storm” of energy-draining habits has created an epidemic of fatigue. Foremost, he points out that the average American consumes a high-calorie, low-nutrient diet. We are “both obese and malnourished, for the first time in human history.” Dr. Teitelbaum continues, “dozens of nutrients are critical for our energy-producing machinery, and without these, fats and other calories cannot be converted into energy. This leaves people both overweight and exhausted.”

  • Weak, compromised immune system

  • Malfunction of the hypothalamus

  • Sleep disturbances and/or insomnia

  • Possible Spiritual Roots: Lack of love and protection (often by a male). Fear related to security, protection, love). Some can experience a spirit or attitude of excuse (making continual excuses in life) as a form of protection.

Wellness Inspirations (natural interventions, tips, and guidance)~

0 Helpful Herbs & Supplements:

  • Vitamin D has been shown to relieve muscular pain, especially when a person is deficient in the vitamin. Try Life Extension Vitamin D3 125 mcg (5000 IU) - 60 Softgels

  • Magnesium malate to relax tense, stiff muscles. Try the beverage mix, MegaFood Relax plus Calm Magnesium Powder Raspberry Lemonade 30 Packets

  • Omega-3’s are healthy fatty acids that can help relieve pain and inflammation in the tissues, joints, and heart. Try Barlean's Organic Total Omega Lemon 90 Softgels

  • Proteolytic enzymes to relieve inflammation. Try Doctor's Best Proteolytic Enzymes 90 Delayed-Release Veggie Caps

  • Valerian to grant a calming effect to the nervous system and promote rest. Try Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Valerian Tea

  • Melatonin to reset your sleep pattern. Melatonin is a natural hormone made by our bodies. However, certain factors can hinder their production. Try Olly Sleep Blackberry Zen 70 Gummies .

  • Cherries can help flush out lactic and uric acid which can contribute to arthritic pain and fibromyalgia. Try eating a serving of cherries daily. Try Tillen Farms Bada Bing Cherries Pitted & Stem-On 13.5 oz

0 Nourishment & Healing Foods:

  • Lemon Balm tea

  • Kava Kava tea

  • Passionflower tea

  • Non-inflammatory foods such as: greens, Alaskan salmon, Asian mushrooms, beans, legumes, almonds, walnut, Brazil nuts, avocados, coconut oil, pineapple, cherries, mixed berries, ginger, turmeric.

  • * Be aware of your food/herb allergies & sensitivities.

Herbal Nerve Tonic & Antispasmodic:

1/4 oz. each of dried hops, skullcap, lobelia, valerian, and chamomile. Blend dried herbs with hands, then use 2 Tbsp. of the mix to make a hot tea.

0 Essential Oils:

  • Lemon Balm (AKA Melissa)

  • Arnica

  • Helichrysum

  • Frankincense

  • Use topically only. Apply on areas of pain with a carrier oil (i.e. coconut oil).

  • Also considered topical pain relievers such as Blue-Emu Original Blue Emu Super Strength 12 oz.

0 Therapeutic Bodywork:

  • Gentle Massage Therapy in the area of tension and pain

  • Myofascial release in the area of discomfort. What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release (MFR), as taught by John F. Barnes, is an effective, full body, hands-on approach. This manual therapy can provide profound results for a wide range of physical ailments. It has the potential to reach into the whole body… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It views each individual as a whole person, and treats the body as such for healing and wholeness. To simply describe a complex system, fascia is an interconnected web in our body that runs head to toe without interruption. It is a tough connective tissue that supports our entire being, from the largest structures in our body, down to the cellular level. Until recently, the fascial system has been ignored by most professionals in the healthcare industry.

Physical or emotional trauma, inflammation or postural misalignment can cause fascial restrictions, leading to pressure or pain. This excessive pressure acts as a “girdle” in our body, producing symptoms such as pain, headaches, limited range of motion, or even a general stuck or frozen, inhibiting movement. The modality of myofascial release uses sustained pressure and gentle stretching or compression into the fascial system, allowing it to regain fluidity and relieve the tension of this strong connective tissue.

0 Say NO to:

  • Neurotoxins such as MSG and Aspartame (in most diet sodas)

  • Inflammatory processed foods such as sugars, conventional meat, and dairy, acidic foods (coffee, soda), refined carbohydrates (white pasta, chips, candy)

  • Late nights, lacking in quality sleep

  • High-stress lifestyle

0 Say YES to:

  • Walking 3-6x per week, even if it is for 10 min. each time

  • Gentle stretching and yoga

  • Baths with Epsom salts

  • Mediation and visualization in bed, to promote sleep

  • Ground (also known as Earthing). Notes on Grounding:

Grounding or earthing is defined as placing one’s bare feet on the ground, whether it be dirt, grass, river rock, or sand.

The electron-enriched Earth can improve the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system occurs within your body.

Being grounded cuts inflammation by thinning your blood and infusing your body with negatively charged ions from the Earth.

Grounding may be one of the most important overlooked factors in public health. When grounding is restored, many people report significant improvement in a wide range of ailments, such as pain relief (from arthritis, back pain, and fibromyalgia).

0 Resources:

0 A dose of Faith:

  • Affirmations/Deep Breathing: Inhale self-worth. Exhale shame. Inhale empowerment. Exhale excuse. Inhale love. Exhale pain.

  • Prayer: I am loved with an everlasting love. “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, with lovingkindness I have drawn you.” (Jeremiah 31:3). God's banner of love is over you, it covers you.

Be Well,





Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and NOT intended as medical health care claims, cures, or therapies. Please consult with your doctor/specialist if you have any health concerns or questions about herbal medicine.

Note: Affiliate links are included in this blog post in which we may receive a commission.

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