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Adding Years to our Lives~

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

What is one of the best ways to possibly add years to our lives? KNOWLEDGE. It is for lack of knowledge that so many of us flounder with caring for our well-being. Seek, learn, accept, and apply- this is what we must do! One of the best resources I have found to support such efforts is through Life Extension Magazine. I've been a subscriber for years and have found their publication to be top-notch! You can visit their website and view a great deal of health information for free. They also offer an insightful podcast! Below are a few more reasons why I value Life Extension:

Share your love for health & knowledge with others!

- The magazine is backed by a qualified contributor pool of experts, such as Steven Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox. Life Extension's staff itself includes a Chief Medical Officer (Steven Joyal, MD), Chief Scientific Officer (Andrew Swick, Ph.D.), as well as a Scientific Advisory Board (current as of Sept. 2019).

- The article's research findings are referenced.

- Life Extension offers an array of quality supplements that support healthy living & longevity. We like the CoQ10- Mitochondria support line. CoQ10 supports energy production and circulation, a powerful anti-aging partner!

- Many Lab Tests and Full Panels are offered through their company. Many (not not all) of the tests can be ordered and completed at home.

- Finally, if you have a question pertaining to health & wellness, or any of their products, you can simply email or call their Wellness Specialists, free of charge! I love this service!

So, if you are looking for longevity focused knowledge/research, motivation, and natural supplements- check out Life Extension's site and what they have to offer:

What magazine or other resource makes you want to thrive in wellness?

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