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Last-Minute Gifts~ Instant Downloads

Though I am a writer in my soul, I am still learning the ways of professional writing. I am only a few years into publishing, and it can certainly be a humbling, yet profoundly enjoyable journey. With much more learning and sources of creativity to tap into, I wanted to now share with you, my readers, a few of my smaller works, published as ebooks (instant downloads). These are fast-access gifts if you are in need of one :-)

I hope you find something inspiring to your own pursuits of wholeness & health!

Please read on for short descriptions & links of my writings:

* You can find my of my books (paperback & kindle) at my website:

I do so love getting lost in a library, and smelling all the books and feeling the covers! However, there are times when an ebook is handy! A quick download at your fingertips, no need to get out of your jammies if you don't want to! So, explore the world of ebooks, as we soon come into a new year. Find a read that challenges you and makes you a better being! We all have room to evolve... I know I do, as a writer and as a soul!

What new ebook/kindle are you loving???

Merry Christmas everyone!

In Grace,












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