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Inspired Wellness update during these delicate times...

With things changing so rapidly in the world, statistics, policies & protocols, and even ideas & perspectives seem to shift in a blink of any eye! I recently had to make the decision to shut my small business doors until further notice. I of course, am far from alone in this. One day I thought all would be well, and the next, BAM, a perspective shift! There is more than a financial burden to that action, it's also a touch of heartbreak, not being able to do what you love, and serve people in the way you feel called to serve. My email, though hopefully short and sweet, was difficult to send. I share it with you now, in case you are one of my dear clients, curious of Inspired Wellness' current status:

My friends,

I am updating my current business status to closed.  I do apologize, but it is necessary during this delicate time. I was just informed of a recent mandatory shut down for all "massage facilities, spas, fitness & exercise gyms and similar personal care treatment facilities of service to be closed."  * Please see resource:

The good news- as of March 28th, 2020, Aroostook County reports 0 cases confirmed of COVID-19:

In the meantime, I would still love to connect with you!  Any wellness questions, please email me at  I am still here to support you on your health journey!  

You can also visit my website & blog, Lovely Longevity for many posts on self-care (which is crucial at this time):

I look forward to when I can serve you again, God willing, very soon!

Praying health & peace of mind for us all~


Inspired Wellness

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