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Immunity Defense~ Part 3

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Let's talk essential oils. As a Therapeutic Bodyworker, I use these powerful substances daily. I have seen the healing power in just a few drops of pure oil application. One of my favorite examples, minor as it may be, is with bites and stings. Getting stung by bees and hornets, and bit by mosquitos and horse flies is a common thing in our neck of the woods. My choice of first aid? Spikenard Lavender essential oil. It draws the sting and itch out within 30 seconds. Miraculous!

Pertaining to our immune systems, I've found through experience and research that these 5 are the power lifters of enhancing and protecting immune defenses.

Please continue to scroll down. * Note:

I always apply oils to the feet and spine. This is where the most concentrated number of nerve endings and receptors are located. They help transport the oils throughout the body via blood and the nervous system.


* Essentials oils should be applied with a base/carrier oil.

* Only one to three drops is necessary for a small area.

1. Juniper- Assists in defending against respiratory infections such as Bronchitis . Use this oil in a hot bath or sauna to encourage respiratory cleansing.

2. Eucalyptus- Helpful to easing respiratory issues, able to break up congestion, open breathing passages, and even helpful to assist in healing UTI’s. Effective when applied to chest and upper back area. This is a saving grace in the winter when chest colds hit! In Biblical times it was used in a blend of oils as an anti-viral and antiseptic. (Source: Healing, God's Forgotten Gift, by Dr. David Stewart, Don Clair & Sandy Sutter)

3. Oregano- Known to fight candida/yeast infections/athlete’s foot, nail fungus, and skin infections. A supplement can also be taken internally to strengthen immunity, combat yeast infections and problematic skin.

4. Grapefruit- One of the most powerful oils for ridding bacteria, fungus and yeast (especially candida albicans) which can hinder the recovery of our immune systems.

5. Thyme- A complex antimicrobial; an effective anti-viral essential oil. Both red and white thyme contain such medicinal properties. Thyme is incredibly potent in its aroma. Be sure to dilute with a carrier oil.

* doTERRA On Guard - Protective Blend - 10 mL - Roll-On is very effective: or get it in a larger bottle:

* Check out Ananda's Super Immune Oil Blend:

* Find more oils here:

What essential oils do you apply when you are fending off ills?

In Grace~


Disclaimer: This is for your educational purposes only, and not intended to diagnose or treat any health conditions. Please contact your primary healthcare provider for healthcare & info.









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