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Holistic Health & Nutrition Services

We have all heard the phrase, "You are what you eat." In essence, that is true. However, did you know that this depends on your body's microbiome (gut health integrity)? The more accurate fact is, "You are what your body can absorb and assimilate." We are all specialized- Unique in DNA, blood type, immunity response, intestinal bacteria status, and lifestyle habits (good & bad). Therefore, it is very rare that a one size fits all when it comes to optimal holistic health and nutrition. For example, some do well on a vegan diet, others thrive on ketogenic nutrition. You may react to apples and break out in hives, but I can eat an apple a day! We have to be the detective with our own wellness exploration! Much of this is done through observation of how your body feels/reacts day to day to food, stressors, and other factors such as exercise and supplements/medications. Testing is a significant part of this adventure. With many new, in-depth testing offered now, such as the GI Map (stool sample lab), we can uncover secrets our bodies may have been hiding for years! To hike to the top of the mountain, you must first start at the base of the trail and map out your trek from there- This is where you begin, at the foundation, at the base, and build a plan to work your way up! As a Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist, I can be a guide. Please note, I am not a medical physician, nor a licensed registered dietitian. Therefore, I do not create detailed, caloric-based diets nor prescribe any medications, and do not order labs.

This is what I am qualified to offer:

* First, and most important step: Listen to you and your health concerns/goals.

* Suggest tests that may assist you in uncovering the roots of your health issues.

* Suggest supplements to support you in your personal health & wellness.

* Suggest foods that can add to the healing & nourishment of your body.

* Suggest various resources, such as books, websites, and practitioner referrals.

* Map out a Personal Wellness Plan based on holistic health aspects, including Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation, Stress, Environmental Factors, and more.

I offer one-hour Holistic Health Consultations, in person or virtual.

If you want to learn more, contact me at

Be Well,






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