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Healthy, Hope-filled Holidays

I am sipping on organic coffee, brainstorming ideas about holiday gift giving. Each year that comes, I try to remind myself to settle into the holiday season with a gratefulness (versus rushing through it and missing the value of this time). I find true joy in gift-giving, yet, I do no simply want to buy a gift for the sake of checking a person off my list. Bringing our intention to generosity and the spirit of this scared season is really what stirs up our hearts, isn't it? The tough part is actually making that happen, carving out the time to focus on our blessings, versus our worries, our budgets & bank accounts, and the distressing state of this world. We all need HOPE. It is what brings LIFE. Hope adds to our HEALTH, body, soul, and spirit! So, with that, I do hope these holiday resources can ignite some Christmas spirit within you, stimulating an excitement to give this year: Give what you can, and be grateful for all that comes your way!

Check out hundreds of hand made goods, including jewelry, baskets, & mugs from Haiti! This Christian organization feeds millions around the globe each year. Each item bought provides a number of meals to those in need. One mug can provide up to 58 meals! Top the gift off with a bag of wellness focused, herbal tea:

If you have a loved one who is a meat eater, this my be the perfect gift! Butcher Block offers grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and Alaskan salmon delivered to your door!

  • For the one who is in need of hope - A few great books on HOPE:

"Hope: Living Fearlessly in a Scary World," By Dr. David Jeremiah

"A Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times," By Jane Goodall

  • For the flower fan (who cannot wait for winter to pass & spring to arrive)! -

Eden Brothers

American Meadows

Mountain Rose Herbs offers a beautiful array of high quality, natural & organic herbs, essential oils, botanical potions for skincare, and more! I purchase their dried herbs to use in the making of my own natural products and have never been disappointed.

  • For foodie or cook in your family- magazine subscription (print or digital)-

Eating Well

Food Network

I can't help it, I still love a good magazine! Digital reading does not always do it for me (says the one typing this web-based blog)! Check out a magazine subscription as a gift this year. It can be gift that keeps on giving for 6 or 12 months!

Healthy, Hope-filled Holiday wishes to you and yours!

In Grace,

Cara Iris






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