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Having the Edge on Longevity: Telomeres (Part 2)

You can probably take a guess at what the key players are for supporting the health of our telomeres and therefore protecting our cellular DNA. In my research, there are four main categories that hold the heavy-weight titles for being able to positively affect and protect our telomeres. As a wellness coach, the majority of my coaching is served in these areas:




Managing/Reducing Stress

I have read many books and published research studies on the science telomeres. Below is a summary of my findings. I will also list some of those books I've gleaned knowledge from. I share this information with you so you can become empowered to transform your own health and awaken your potential for longevity!

  • Supplements (top 10):

Omega 3's/DHA

NAC (N-acetylcysteine)

Flavonoids (from berries)


Vitamin D3

ALA (Alpha-lipoic acid)


Vitamin E



* I break these supplements down, explaining each one in my blog post, Longevity Supplements.

  • Fitness:

One of the best by-products of exercise is a boost in HGH (Human Growth Hormone, also known as Human Growth Factor). HGH can slow down the aging process by restoring muscle mass, decreasing body fat, increase energy, improve brain function (specifically memory), normalize blood pressure, and improve cardiac output.

The suggested fitness regimen is as follows:

- Choose more than one type of exercise (do not do the same exercise every day of the week). Mix it up! Try Yoga, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, Pilates, Strength Training, Resistance Training, Walking, Swimming, Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Snowshoeing.

- Duration goal = a total of 3 hours per week (i.e. 30 min. 6 days a week).

  • Nutrition:

To summarize what could be a 50+ page post, please eat clean, wholesome, real food. Do not fashion your taste buds to the taste of refined, processed foods. And if you have, re-train your mind and gut now! Acclimate our body to a new way of eating- real food. Your cells will thank you! P.S. Antioxidants in these vibrant foods See below), fight those nasty, thieving free radicals we covered in Part 1!

Here are 15 telomere friendly foods to get you started:









Eggs (free-range)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wild Salmon

Green & White Tea




We will talk STRESS in the final part of this post (part 3). Stress is sneaky and can affect us holistically (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc). I want to address the many legs it reaches us with, and provide resources to help you healthily balance your stress loads.


In Grace,









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