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Gifts of Wellness (Aromatherapy)~ Part 3

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Cedar, nutmeg, cloves, pine, cinnamon, oh my! The scrumptious smells of Christmas! If you are a sensory person (one who is very keen and aware of all five senses), then likely you are super sensitive to smells. If perfumes provide you with a mean headache-like they do me, you may have good luck with trying 100% pure essential oil-infused options. I use essential oils every day and have for over 20 years- they've proven their therapeutic value to me. So, instead of buying a fake fragrance in candles of chemical-based perfumes, check out these lovely, true aromatic gifts.

From diffusers to aromatherapy books, to jewelry, to natural body oils, these can make safe, therapeutic gifts for our friends & family! Happy wellness gift-giving!

* Listed prices subject to change.

May your holidays be filled with comfort & joy... and wellness!

In Grace,













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