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Frankincense~ The King Botanical

I find such peace in this season, because it is a sacred one. Christmas represents a hope of a tangible faith, a birthing of love, and a time to celebrate those gifts. In that same thought, for those of us who believe the ancient texts, frankincense was among one of the precious gifts given to baby Jesus. This anointing, pure resin oil is a staple in my apothecary. Its healing properties are irreplaceable. There are two main varieties of frankincense, in its botanical names, they are: Boswellia Carteri & Boswellia Serrata. Both a powerful, but do vary in medicinal value. Here is a snap-shot of what these two frankincense yield (based in research- see sources below) and offer to us as a means of therapy:

Boswellia Serrata

- Antibiotic

- Anti-fungal

- Antioxidant

- Anti-carcinogen

Boswellia Carteri

- Anti-inflammatory

- Increases cognitive function

- Calms stress and anxiety

- Anti-carcinogen

How to use

- Capsule form (supplement)

- In herbal tea blends and infusions/tinctures

- Topically as an essential oil


- I add frankincense essential oil to my Pain Ease Massage Oil blend to help calm inflammation and muscular pain.

- I take a supplement with Boswellia for recovery after I've had an injury or began a new workout routine. Natural Factors has some effective formulas, as does Life Extension.

- OsteoMove® Joint Care Extra Strength Supplement

- Fast Acting Relief Supplement

Sources (from published articles & website content):

- Dr. Mercola

- Dr. Axe, Ancient Medicine

- Life Extension

- Natural Factors

Be Well,







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