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Facial Reflexology

You may have heard of the therapy of Reflexology, based on a system of meridians and nerve pathways in the feet, hands, head, and face. Foot reflexology seems to be the most common type of this bodywork, however, facial reflexology is gaining some new ground.

The theory is that our face yields a map of our body/anatomy. Massaging or putting gentle pressure on these areas (called reflex points) can possibly stimulate the corresponding anatomical areas. For example, the kidney reflex point is under the eyes. As many of us have experienced, if we wake up with puffy eyes (bags under the eyes), this often means we took in too much salt or sugar, causing inflammation and extra stress on the kidneys. The best remedy is hydration + some facial reflexology!

You may have puffy/swollen, irritated, or other skin issues in certain areas of the face due to other parts of the body not optimally functioning. Massaging these ‘problem areas’ can possibly help relieve non-desirable skin symptoms, as well as other bodily issues (common examples: constipation, headaches, tension/pain).

Refer to chart as an educational guide (This is NOT a diagnostic tool).

I suggest using your fingertips when starting out with this facial therapy. However, a wonderful add-on tool is a roller. There are various types on the market, including jade (green) and quartz (usually pink) rollers. There are also contouring rollers, usually with steel balls that roll over your skin creating a massaging, contouring effect. Keeping these tools in the fridge is an added benefit to soothing the skin, especially where swelling and irritation exist.

I combine Facial Reflexology/Massage sessions with facial oils. You can go with the super gentle Rosehip Oil (safe for nearly all skin types), or a more specific facial oil, such as combination oils/herbal extracts/antioxidants for added beauty benefits!


* Sukin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 1.69 fl oz.

* CocoRoo Beauty Roller - Jade, Green:

* Botanical Beauty Facial Oils (pure organic herbs, oils, & antioxidants):

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