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Planning for the New Year ahead...

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone! As the new year approaches speedily, what are you envisioning? Do you have goals that you are reaching for? I always like to set aside a time of reflection, while I thumb through my annual journal, noting my important moments in the prior year's journey. Then, I make a plan for the new year ahead, not only establishing my hope-filled goals, but my plan (system, if you will) of how to fulfill those goals. It's also enjoyable to research creative ways to inspire and support these freshly made goals! I think, how can I invigorate and set myself up to effectively pursue my goals this year with success? Let's back-u for one moment to insert this truth: You do not have to make big changes fast. Begin with, micro-habits. These are small habits that are more tangible in your life (more doable), that overtime, can yield significant results, shifting you into new behaviors & routines. However, these micro-habits need a consistency for us to realize the effect(s) they are providing. To do that, we need to establish systems in our schedule. Systems consist of a simple set-up, with a cue. This cue is a trigger to move you into the new, healthy behavior you're trying to take on.

Here is a basic example of one of my goals and the system that creates the framework to establishing healthy habits and obtaining my desires:

  • My Goal: Do my Yoga workout, 5 - 6x per week in the morning for 30 min.

  • System (cues to help me activate this goal): Keep yoga mat by my bed & ready for use, do yoga in my PJs once I finish my cup of organic coffee (that eliminates the hassle of needing to change into workout clothes!). Once my coffee is finished, I automatically walk over to my yoga mat and begin. I set my cell phone timer to be sure I practice my yoga flow for at least 30 minutes per session.

It has been a year of great hardship for many... loss, sickness, struggles of various kinds. I pray that in the year to come, we will find some freedom from such heavy burdens. It should be said, that self-care is more than just a legitimate pursuit. Self-care is vitally important! If you let that go as a priority in your world, it can take a negative snowball action, possibly effecting (or hitting) others in your path. Take care of you... good health, as we know more than ever, it a GIFT.

What ideas do you have to help inspire you toward your hopes & goals in 2022?

A few random goal ideas to get you thinking:

  • Try a new hobby, such as knitting, website creation, yoga, meditation, woodworking, letter writing, learn how to play cribbage or chess.

  • Join a group (on or offline) such as a Book Club. Check out this online Teatime Book Club:

  • Change up your AM routine to be more health focused, such as trading your coffee with 1 sugar and 1 cream to organic green tea with local honey.

  • Change your PM routine. Instead of snacking at night, replace it with a cup of tea and meditation, prayer, stretching, or reading a book.

What fresh hopes do you have for the new year?

What helps inspire you toward your goals in 2022?

Be Well,


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