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Echinacea~ Nature's Antibiotic

As with so many herbs, I value The Coneflower's (echinacea) beauty and properties. It's lovely purple-mauve petals and its deep green stalk simply shouts, "medicine" to me! Read on to learn about the health attributes of this traditional medicinal plant.

Botanical Names:

  • E.purpurea (Purple Coneflower)

  • E.angustifolia (Black Simpson Coneflower)

Healing Properties:

  • Assists in tissue regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties; yielding a mild, cortisone-like effect. Helpful in calming an inflamed prostate.

  • Blood purifier and builder. Used for blood diseases, blood poisoning and infections, boils, swollen lymph glands, and swollen prostate.

  • Immune stimulant. E.purpurea is most commonly used as a cold and flu remedy. Recent studies of the plant have shown that it contains phytonutrients along with complex sugars called Echinaceosides that act as immune stimulants to boost the immune system. These constituents can assist in elevating white blood cell counts and promote T-cell activation.

  • Considered a cleansing herb. Echinacea supports lymphatic health and can assist in lymph drainage.


  • Do not use continually, as the body will become adapted to it. Save for seasons of sickness as you would any other anti-biotic.

  • Forms: Can be taken as a tea, tincture/extract, syrup, or capsule. One I like is by Gaia Herbs, Echinacea Supreme 2 fl oz

  • Intake Suggestion: 2 - 4 weeks on / 2 - 4 weeks off. The tincture of echinacea is useful as a mouthwash for gingivitis or tooth infections.

Supplement Complex Suggestion for Immune Health: Vitamin C & Echinacea

  • 1 Capsule each of (1 to 2 x per day) = Vitamin C: 250 mg + Echinacea: 250 mg

  • Take 2 - 4 capsules total, per day for up to 14 days.

Supplement Resources:

* It is best to consult with your physician and pharmacist before taking any supplements. Discontinue use of the product if you experience any ill side effects.

If for some reason Echinacea does not agree with you, here are other options...

Other Anti-biotic Alternatives:

  • Goldenseal: Able to kill most any strand of harmful bacteria.

  • Oregan Grape: Much like goldenseal in effect, but less expensive.

  • Olive Leaf: Up to 2 grams a day of this powerful anti-fungal inhibits the growth of many microorganisms (i.e. fungi, yeast, bacteria, viruses).

  • Garlic: Sulfur compounds help fight infection.

* Grow Organic offers an array of high-quality organic seeds, including echinacea. A brief, excellent article on growing echinacea can be found here:

Do you have a favorite herbal immunity boost concoction? Do share it with a post!

In Grace,










Health Disclaimer:

Please know that this information is for your personal enrichment and educational purposes only. This is not a medical prescription or instruction. This information is NOT intended to replace any medical care, medical advice or protocol. The knowledge within this book is based solely on my schooling, training, research, and professional & personal experiences. I am a helper by nature, and I am passionate about meeting wellness-related needs by educating, edifying, and equipping. However, YOU the reader are responsible and accountable for your own well-being and the medical attention you may require. Check with your Health Care Provider(s), and Pharmacist before beginning any new product use, diet, or health care regimen to verify that it will NOT react with any of your current medications or conditions. I encourage you to holistically care for yourself and to seek quality second and third (or more) opinions throughout your wellness journey.

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