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Coffee~ Happiness by the Cup!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I am a confessing daily consumer of dark, divine coffee! You will find me at 5:30am pondering over thoughts to record in my journal, powered by my mug of organic coffee. But just to be clear, coffee can be praised as a health tonic! The beans are rich in antioxidants according to the Mayo Clinic. It may help guard against cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Type 2 diabetes. And all the coffee-swooners said, "Wohoo!!!" It is important to note that non-organic farmed coffee plants, along with the beans are heavily sprayed by chemicals during the growing process. It is best if you can swing it, to purchase organic coffee- save yourself the scary side effects of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides! Coffee enjoyed in moderation is a delicious way to help prevent some cancers. Anti-cancer protection in a daily cup of happiness:

♡Endometrial cancer. Research indicates that women who drink coffee regularly are 25% less likely to develop endometrial cancer.

Prostate cancer. Both high test and decaf coffee are particularly effective at shooing away one of the most dangerous and aggressive kinds of cancer - prostate cancer.

The most common skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma research shows that quality coffee acts to shut down these rebel cells (cells that have a high risk of mutation).

(Resource: Real Age, Dr. Michael Roizen).

* Beware: Watch out for flavored coffees with creams & syrups! A 16oz Starbucks White Mocha slams you with 540 calories & 76 grams of sugar! Can you say Diabetes?

* Below is a basic guide on how to choose the right cup for you! Please continue...

How to Pick the RIGHT Cup? Your preference pick should be based on:

* Roast (light to dark)

* Acidity (mild to strong)

* Flavors (fruit to chocolate)

NOTE: Acidity in moderation is fine… However, too much can cause ulcers and GERD.

♡Acid Levels- Based on Regions:

* Latin America (Brazil) - Highest in natural acids

* African (Kenya) - Mid-range acidity

* Indonesian (Peruvian) - Little to no acidity

♡Organic Coffees to try:

Grounds for Change-

Jim’s Organic Coffee-

Equal Exchange-

Just Love Coffee-

Kicking Horse-

How do you enjoy your coffee?

Bulletproof, black, with cream, cold, hot, decaf, light, dark, with cinnamon, French press?

In Grace~










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