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Clean & White Smile~ Dental Care

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

I am a chronic teeth-brusher, 3 to 5 times a day. I had to switch to a softer toothbrush because I was doing damage to my gums with the more firm toothbrushes. Silly me. Because I am a coffee, tea, and wine drinker, my teeth are subject to staining. Note: I promise I drink a slew of water in between my mug of tea and glass of wine with dinner! :-) I greatly value a clean, white smile, and longevity for my teeth. Over the years I've done a decent amount of research to try and support the strength of my teeth. Many of us can lose the protective enamel through poor habits (consuming sugar coated foods, staining beverages, smoking, lack of minerals, poor dental care) and lessen the mineral fortitude of our teeth. Also, what we've been taught for decades about fluoride has been misguided. For more info. on that, go to:

If you desire stronger, whiter teeth, please stick with me. I have fashioned a regimen on dental care over the past 10+ years that includes the following products listed below.

If you appreciate a healthy, clean, white smile, check out these resources:

Natural Dental Care Products:

- Jason Power Smile Whitening (Fluoride free & gluten free)

- Schmidts (Wondermint is my favorite flavor)

- Young Living Thieves Toothpaste

  • Finally, I am a gum-chewer. However, I refuse to chew on aspartame laden gum. The dangers of aspartame will be a post for another time, but be aware that this toxic ingredient can trigger migraines to nerve pain. For years I have been chewing beeswax based gum, or other natural gums with pure sweeteners (stevia or xylitol). I like these brands: Epic, Pur, and Spry. You can find them online at Vitacost:

What dental care is a crucial part of contributing to your beautiful smile?

In Grace~









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