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Bread, Wine, & a Book~

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

As I ponder on what to serve for dinner tonight, I think a Friday simple serving is the ticket! Perhaps aged cheese, roasted garlic and tomatoes with fresh basil from the garden, organic focaccia bread, and a glass of red wine?

I am rereading through a book I thoroughly enjoyed, entitled, Bread & Wine. The stories are inviting, but the recipes are even more tempting! I thought I would share not only a short review on this fine book, but also a list of wines to savor as you make your dinner tonight and the ones to come.

Bread & Wine, By Shauna Niequist

This nourishing read is written in a combined form of recipes, real-life stories, reflections, and a love letter style to what happens when we invite others into our lives.  It is real, it is raw, and it’s filled with delightful dishes!  Goat Cheese Biscuits have become my new thing to pair with hearty soups and a glass of red wine, thanks to the author!  She connects nourishment and provision with the hand of God, and the sacredness of fellowship with breaking bread.  This mixture of stories and food will inspire you to get cooking, call your friends, get out your special occasion dishes, and say grace with true gratitude!

* Find it at: directly-

If you do appreciate vino, continue to read on to view a list of suggested wines and links. Pair a good book or a delicious dinner with...

What's on your menu tonight?

In Grace~












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