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Body Pain & Inflammation

I've had many questions backed with a sincere desire to learn how to care for one's chronic pain & inflammation. Trust me when I say, I share your concern, my friends. I too have sought out relief for inflammation, from a fractured sacral plate to persistent pressure-pain in my neck and inner ears that can lead me to tears.

As a therapeutic bodyworker, it is my passion to give my best effort in assisting people in pain relief and relaxation. Do I have all the answers? That is a resounding NO. I do, however, have almost 20 years of education & experience, so that is handy :-) In my ebook, Temple Therapy, I explain some of the bodywork techniques that can be extremely helpful to balancing pain and residual side effects. I also cover essential oils and supplements that having specific properties to protect the body from inflammation, as well as bring support to the muscular and nervous systems. You can find this book here on ETSY:

Read on for an excerpt from the book about assessing the TYPE of pain you may be experiencing. It may surprise you in the answers you find about your pain.


  • NERVE: Burning, Tingle (pins & needles like), Radiating pain (travels a path, such as down the arm), Numbness, Pinching, and/or Shooting pain.

  • MUSCULAR: Tension, Tight, Ache, Throb, Spasms, Strain, Muscle weakness.

  • INFLAMMATION: Red, Hot, Irritated, Swelling, General fatigue feeling.

  • BONE/JOINT: Clicking, Stiffness, Inflammed joints, Out of alignment (consult with a Chiropractor).

  • This list is not exhaustive. These are the 4 basic categories of pain I deal with. It is common for people to experience a combination of these types of pain & symptoms.

♥ To learn ways to manage and assist in healing pain & inflammation, check out Temple Therapy E-Book:

- AUTUMN SALE $7 -33 pages (12 MB) -Over 50 essential oil blends -PDF format -Bullet style format -Instant ebook download upon purchase

♥ 5 Chapters (table of contents): 1. Essential oils 15 pure essential oil companions (always have in your inventory): peppermint, frankincense, spike lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, ravensara, oregano, lemon, cedar, myrrh, cypress, arnica, hyssop, tea tree, wintergreen/sweet birch + 2 runner ups. 2. Body/pain assessment Muscle, bone/joint, inflammation, and nerve pain 3. Therapies Trigger Point, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Assisted Stretching, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage 4. Body and Soul 5. Resources & Recipes *BONUS- Over 50 essential oil formula blends!!!*

What do you do to calm your body pain & inflammation? Please tell us what works for you!

In Grace,







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