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I am not only a blogger but a blog-fan! They are so much fun! You get the opportunity to step into the mind a writer who shares their perspectives of their unique niche. This works well for me since I am not an expert in a grand mess of things: finances, business, home projects, cooking, you name it! I can always use some more teaching. Blogs allow the reader access to recipes, new ideas, DIY tips, topical links, and other countless, creative resources! In my Lovely Longevity Blog, the focus is specific but vast: wellness, from a holistic perspective! That actually can cover a hefty amount of ground since we are complicated, mysterious, wondrous human beings! Though wellness and writing are my two main loves, I can't help but dive into the worlds of other Blogs and Blog topics. Explore with me the following 5 Blogs listed below, and feel welcome to share your favorite Blogs in the comments!

Jean Chatzky's Blog: She is the host of Her Money (sponsored by Fidelity Investments). Jean knows her stuff. Not only do I admire her blog and soak up all the financial education I can handle, but Her Money's Podcast is a wealthy experience (no pun) to listen to, including all of her guests' loads of ah-ha moments inspiring knowledge! › podcasts

Mountain Rose Herbs: One of the best sources for all your herbal and aromatherapy needs is Mountain Rose Herbs. Their blog overflows with delicious herbal recipes, medicinal creations, and how to enhance one's health naturally. I just read their recipe for Chocolate Coconut Almond Bars, and am seriously considering whipping up a batch of those decadent treats on this stormy winter weekend in Maine!

Equal Exchange: I am a mega-follower of this company and its mission. They support fair-trade farmers, and source high-quality coffee beans and other fine foods (such as olive oil) from small farmers, most of which are in Southern America. As a coffee-lover, I savored one of their recent posts, which listed 10 different ways we may be 'messing up' our morning coffee (I am paraphrasing the title)! If you are into organic java, supporting fair-trade farmers, check this one out!

Traditional Medicinals: I am not sure if I can officially label this one as a true blog. The site tags the collection of posts as, "articles." Regardless, I had to include it because I get absolutely excited with the science-based, yet holistic approach Traditional Medicinals takes on the information they provide. Also, the images are beautifully colorful and of course, herb infused! This month's featured article is, Herbs for Natural Detox. Get your new year cleansing on!

The Tiny Life: Since my past two homes have ranged from 370 sq ft (cabin) to less than 700 sq. ft (yurt), I dig this Blog! It focuses on minimalistic living, including tiny homes. The creator of this site does an excellent job with streamlined design, simplified practices for living with a small footprint, and writing that will draw you into tiny living! He also offers incredibly creative bullet journal products! His recent post, 10 Tiny House Kitchen Essentials: Small Kitchen Solutions for Your Tiny House is a fun read! Check it out!

Happy reading & happy learning!

In Grace,









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