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As the leaves change with the season, so may we change our colors...

Summer is leaving us as we settle into September. I always find autumn to be a time of transition in the physical sense, but also a more holistic sense. The sun begins to set faster, our body's bio-rhythms begin to slow down a bit. Setting the course for our well being while we prepare for colder months is a valuable approach. Being ready with a strong healthy mind set and surrounding ourselves with positive resources can be the key to having not just a decent winer, but an abundantly healthy one! So, bring colorful, nourishing changes into your world this season! Add in some goodness to your chilly months with cooking, exercise, reading, learning, & supporting your immune system! Below are a few creative ways to do that. Choose your bright path to wellness!

  • Take a virtual fitness class: I teach an online Yoga Class (30 min. sessions) with many other fantastic instructors at Om Reset. Check out what they have to offer!

  • Consider a multi vitamin with Vitamin D3: In the winter months, we get less sunshine (a sad deficiency in my book)! Arm yourself with a D3 supplement or a Multivitamin with immune support in it! I like this whole food based brand:

New Chapter Multivitamin for Women 50 Plus + Immune Support - Every Woman's One Daily 55+: &

  • Keep the summer super charge going with superfoods: Add to smoothies!

I like Nested Naturals Super Greens:

And, Sunfood's yummy Acai Mix powder:

  • Stock up on healthy reads:

* "Upgrade Your Immunity..." By Dr. Mercola

* "Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care", By Maria N. Groves

* Books & E-Books on topics of herbs, growing garlic, yurt living & more!

Be Well~


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