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Aromatherapy for Dogs

I know, we usually talk about human health and longevity in this blog. However, I thought today, our man/woman's best friend deserves a shout out to natural health & well being! This quick blog post is a basic guide to using therapeutic oils for dogs.

This is our dog, Babe.

Helpful & Healing

Neem- Helps fight fleas and ticks

Lavender- Calming and relaxing

Cedar- Grounding and wards off fleas and ticks

Peppermint- Coat refreshing and wards off ticks and fleas

Frankincense- Helpful to healing wounds and inflammatory issues

Citronella - Wards off bugs, ticks, and fleas

Lemongrass- Wards off bugs, ticks, and fleas

Castor Oil - Nourishing to coat and skin

Almond Oil- Nourishing to coat and skin

Coconut Oil - Nourishing to coat and skin

* Only use topically. Never use internally.

Toxic & Terrible




Cinnamon or Cassia


Tea Tree




Ylang Ylang



* Keep in mind your dog may be allergic or sensitive to some of the above oils. Just like people, some of us are more sensitive than others.

* Call your veterinarian, or contact the Pet Poison Helpline at (800) 213-6680.


Natural Dog Care

If you are looking for natural wellness products for your dog, check out this formula I made for our dog, Babe! Because she is still a pup, she still has lots of puppy energy and it is a challenge to calm her down at night. We snuggle with her and apply 1/2 tsp. of this oil on her coat, gently massaging it in. She is relaxed and snoring in no time!



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