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Books for Herb Growers~

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

I treasure botanicals. They are such wondrous medicine! This past summer I re-read two books to remind myself of the great world of herbs and refresh my mind on how to best grow, harvest, and use these green healers! Below are the books I would like to share short reviews on. Perhaps they will compel you to dive into the soil before our autumn leaves us, and winter settles into Maine for nearly 6 long months!

  • Backyard Farming: Growing Garlic: Complete Guide to Planting, Growing & Harvesting Garlic, By Kim Pezza

As newbie garlic growers, I was excited to read this book! It highlighted countless tips on growing and harvesting garlic.  Learn the history of this bulb plant, differences of the types of garlic, growing, and harvesting, storing and uses. I've already tried some of the recipes, including Pesto and the Rosemary Garlic Baked Potatoes.  Extra insights of companion plants and medicinal uses of garlic were the toppings on the cake for me.  If you love garlic, you will find great taste with this book!

* I purchased the kindle version:

  • The New Age Herbalist, By Richard Mabey

Do not let the title “new age” throw you off. This is a solid, science-infused descriptive resource on herbs, as well as a beautiful image book among the very best at depicting the botanical kingdom.  This guide will not for one moment leave you without inspiration for uses of herbs, from culinary to medicinal, to decor; Mabey’s book is packed with direction.  Home cleaning recipes, teas, foot rubs, toothpaste- all formulas I have enjoyed crafting from this book!  I use the tables quite frequently- ‘Herbs in the Kitchen’ to the one in the back of the book, ‘Herbs in the Garden’.  Each chart is extremely user-friendly!  Therapeutic properties of dozens of herbs, as well as how to apply them lay within these 280 pages. If you are looking for both practical herbalism, mixed with creative concoctions, then you will want this book on your shelf!

* Find this herbaceous book at:

Tell me of your most cherished books on herbs and gardening! I await to hear about your botanical book favorites! :-)

In Grace~ Cara




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