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Ancient Beauty Secrets

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Do you think as I do? Many of these 'secrets' to health, longevity, and fulfillment are rooted in our past? I also assume that much of the theories behind these secrets to life in abundance are 'back to the basic' habits, such as cleanliness, movement, hydration, proper rest, nourishment, abstinence from things that cause harm, and a good dose of love & support. Have we come so far from those great truths? I should hope not.

As I look at myself in the mirror, seeing the 40 year old laugh lines (and my Dad's DNA of the cleft in my chin), I wonder, should I be doing more to hold onto my youthfulness or embrace the natural flow of aging and beauty?

This is what I came up with...

Ways to embrace your natural beauty?

  • Let the sun kiss you. I relish in the sunshine. I realize the scare around UV rays, skin cancer, and aging. I've read the reports and heard the testimonies. But, if God gave us the sun (and He did), why would life such as plants thrive in it? The chlorophyll created with the help of the sun fuels trees, flowers, algae, and the like! We don't slather them in sunscreen. So, almost daily in the warmer months, I walk and pray in the sun's rays to set my day and my state of mind.

  • I start my day early (about 5:30am) with a journal, my Bible, and a cup of organic coffee. I begin by breathing in the gift of the morning and offer thanks for the day!

  • I move my body daily and intentionally with challenge, from walking to hiking, to free weights, yoga, and high intensity intervals.

  • When I am offered a compliment that eludes to beauty or a praise for my state of well-being, I receive it and generously thank the giver. I try not to reply with negative words. What good would that do?

  • I eat clean and use clean, natural body care products. Simple.

  • I power up with antioxidants. We all have full lives, but companies have made it easy for us to grab a convenient, yet healthy wholesome snack. These are a few of the current favs you will find in my bag:

- Made to go smoothie of one of Sunfood's smoothie mixes:

- Women focused nutritional snack, Luna Bars

- Emmy's Organic Coconut Cookies

- A superfood protein bar called Perfect Bar

  • Finally, I embrace ancient beauty ways. I must share one of inspirations that compelled me to go even further to learn of the beauty practices in days of old. The book, Beauty Secrets of the Bible, by Ginger Garrett is an admirable approach to true beauty.  She states, "We are spirits living in a body and how we care for that body is a reflection of the spirit-life within."  Ginger explains beauty from the inside out with Biblical references, recipes, and ancient secrets of self-care.  Included in her book is a devotional style lay-out of 28 days of cleansing.  This is a superb primer for body & soul care!  Her Myrrh Facial Spritz recipe is basic but brilliant, as are many if her nourishing recipes!  She covers cosmetic ingredients, diet, essential oils, and hygiene.  You will gather many natural beauty ideas & beauty principals to incorporate into your regimen. If you are looking for a guide to natural beauty & faith- this is it! Find this luxurious read at:

This is just the beginning! I have more to divulge on natural beauty and self-care, but for now, take a peace-filled breath, accept your beauty, and share with me one of your "Beauty Secrets"!

In Grace~











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