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A Fresh Perspective

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I recently read an article about the new year and how altering our Pace + Place = Perspective. It made an impression on me, helping me to process some of my new year objectives. Obviously it would have to be a new or somewhat changed pace and place to grant a fresh perspective. I've taken some time to ponder this formula. I've floundered over much of my experiences and reflections this past year of 2021. I would assume most of us have. We have all touched hardships, from caring for family, financial difficulties, career changes, to illness... oh, the weight of it all. I have had moments amidst these times of challenge where I have to remind myself, there is grace. "You are doing the best you can. No one expects as much from you as you expect from yourself." I have to speak this grace-filled statement to my heart and mind, otherwise the background noise that tries to yell at me can become loud with the same mantra, "Do better, do more!" We all have full lives with a lengthy list of responsibilities. It's the reality of adulting (insert a deep sigh). However, many of these responsibilities can be a blessing, of course! It's important to give of ourselves, to embrace the calls and gifts God grants us. Your children may cause hair loss, under eye bags, and sleepless nights, but they are your heart and soul. Therefore, that responsibility of parenting is not only a duty, but a gift to raise those children and call them your own. Still, stress seeps into even the good places and rocks our boat of balance.

Balance is another key word I am fond of. Do you suppose the mentioned formula of Pace + Place = Perspective actually can help us create a life of Balance? I sure hope so. I confess, I believe this idea of balance is more of an ever evolving process than a one and done project. That is why I am so enchanted by this formula... it can be revisited each year (or more often if you wish) to take stock of where you are at. Let's take a glimpse now: Preview in your mind the places that you frequent each day/week: Your work location, the grocery store, the coffee shop, sitting in front of your television, your home/your geographic location, etc. Do you visit the same places day after day? Are these places ones that add goodness to your days and help to lead you along the journey of life you desire? Visiting the fast food joints are not going to magically help us lose that holiday weight. Hanging out with a negative crowd is not going to set us on the positive path of self-worth and success. Rethink where your feet step, where you are present. Then consider your pace: Do you feel like the energizer bunny or a super slow tortoise? Maybe you feel spiritually dry, or an annoying sense of feeling stuck, lacking vision and motivation? Are you running around feeling overwhelmed and disorganized? Or, is your pace one of peace, slow but steady, creating productivity in your days. Now, think on those two factors (pace & place) and take a flash forward glimpse of what your new perspective could be. How can you alter your current pace + place to awaken new perspectives that you may need and/or desire?

In this new year of 2022, I have decided to move the balance scales a bit, and to ease up on the gas pedal of this life. Though some of these changes go against the grain of my natural personality, I know I need it for my health and peace of mind. I've decided to fine tune my world (though the reality is, it's not all in my control), in order to better serve my family, my clients, and my genuine self. I want to slow down my pace, visit some new places (and rest in some of those places, pray, write, and read without looking at the time), and discover a fresh perspective. I want to nourish my spirit and not feel guilty about it. I want to breathe as I focus on the blessings of life versus running through my to-do list of obligations to fulfill. Isn't life so much more than that?

I am stirred up to pursue some of my passions that have been on the back burner for quite some time, and learn new skills I always found intriguing! I am slowing down my business and no longer taking on new clients. I have done therapeutic bodywork for almost 15 years. I love it, it's part of who I am, but I am also experiencing a shift in my priorities and where I need to allocate my energies. I've realized I do not have enough stamina to manage all of life's to-do's at this pace, or I will risk burn out. Have you ever been there? The American Heritage Dictionary defines burnout as, "Physical or emotional exhaustion, especially as a result of long-term stress or dissipation. One who is worn out physically or emotionally, as from long-term stress." Example: ‘high levels of professionalism that may result in burnout’. Yuck, I do not like the sound of that! To avoid this unpleasant occurrence, I am setting my pace to one that involves less rush and less frustration. I hate frustrations within myself. They rob a person of so much energy... And guilt. I am guilty of guilt. Anyone else? It's the one that shouts the loudest, "Do more, do better! Do all of it and do it well. Do not say no, it's your responsibility." Such terrible weights we allow on our hearts and minds, which cause a draining to the state of our health & well-being. Negative thoughts and emotions can can such a toll on the soul and can eventually manifest into our physical being. Release them before you get to this pivotal point- Again I say with love, "Stop, before you get to the point of sacrificing your health." These are my signs, the internal messages within myself that tell me it is time to refresh, renew, and dig deep to find that sense of spirited joy and abiding peace; Inspiration to release the old, creating a new (more freeing) energy and direction!

What will your formula look like this year? What do you see? Envision your hopes! Even a slight change in your Pace + Place can = a new, beautiful Perspective!

Let me leave you with some resources you can tap into locally as well as online, to help support & guide you in the goal of balance in 2022.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat raw post and that it has challenged you to think about where you are in this precious life. This writing is a heavy thought, one that has lingered in my mind for months, but with the new year's arrival, I felt inspired to share! Please share your thoughts (post on this blog) about pace + place = perspective.

Be Well, Be Blessed,


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