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Book 1 of the Botanical Series:  

Do you believe that plants can communicate?


The botanical world holds a rich, rooted history, and it is alive, speaking to us today!


Lydia Blue's passion is for wild things! Living and working in Colorado, Lydia becomes acquainted with a man named Stone. She continues to brush shoulders with this handsome but seemingly hard-hearted co-worker. Despite the friction in their relationship, together they unravel a tribal plot that seems harmless to Stone, but suspicious to Lydia. Unwavering in her curiosity, she pushes to discover the legend behind a sacred ceremony taking place on the Ladora lands. Stone's fascination with this strong-willed woman is persistent, and he's not shy to let her know.

Ada Pearl, Lydia's precious grandmother, is her inspiration. With the gift of foresight, Ada is a guide in life's challenges. Ada is a medicine woman, dwelling in her cozy mountain home, awaiting her granddaughters' visits. Their bond is strong, grounded in love, the knowledge of nature's healing power, and respect for their Creator. Can Lydia and her grandmother unveil the truth? Will Stone stand in their way?

Travel through this book of the mysterious botanical realm, where plants whisper wisdom and a battle of light versus darkness unfolds.


* BONUS: Herbal Medicine Recipes, including Ada Pearl's Chest Rub!

Book 2 of the Botanical Series:
Lydia and Stone have embraced their love for one another and venture onto new heights in the second book of this Botanical Spirits series. Raya, Stone's niece spends her summer at the farm, adding to The Sanctuary her naturopathic skills and radiant spirit. Soon she finds a friend in Lee Wolfe, a man who knows the woods, and the ways of a lost soul. Trouble brews in the air, as the farm suffers from chemical smothering. Saving the farm from dangers nearby is only part of their story. Saving themselves from one another is the near-impossible, tumultuous journey ahead in Essence.

Can the farm survive the threat that poisons the trees and suffocates the herbs? Will the soul connection between Raya and Lee add life or bring destruction their summer on the farm? This unique bond will make you consider the soul's ability to love and collide, and if one soul can save another.

*BONUS: Herbal Medicine Recipes, including Grandma's Everlasting Eye Serum!

Are you overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities?  Have you ever yearned for a more purposeful, yet simplified life? Are you uncertain of where to begin?

Author Cara Iris Miller has spent the past few years doing just what you may be contemplating. With her faith as a cornerstone, she's learned and fashioned a rhythm of living that is more simplified than complicated, as she and her family live in their yurt (a cozy round home) as sustainably-sound as life will allow.

Now, in her book, The Humble Life Journal: Reflections on Simplicity and Stewardship, she shows how you can achieve the same desire for a more peace-filled life, with logic, and faith-based guidance on:

- Simple health            - Money-saving tips
- Simple marriage       - Home care
- Simple parenting      - And lots more…

Living a simple life doesn’t necessarily mean going without, but focuses on being a good steward with what you do have. You will find recipes, Bible verses, lists, and journal sections spread throughout the chapters. You have plenty of space for your personal thoughts, prayers, and ideas. Incorporate each chapter's insights into your life as you feel inspired!

So, if you’ve been searching for a grounded, yet abundant life, perhaps you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. It is time to reassess your priorities, refresh your world, and revive your faith!


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