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Any questions about my services,

please email me.


In need of

therapeutic relaxation?


To learn more about my services, 
please click on the healing hands above!

Prices & services subject to change.

Please Note:

At times, we may be at our max capacity for taking new clients.


Our Garlic~

  • Organic, NON GMO 
  • Sold in Summer & Autumn
    * Hardneck
    (cold hardy varieties), such as Music, Northern White, Georgia Fire

If you would like to order our garlic for seed or culinary use, please visit our online shop:

Inspired Wellness offers:

- Therapeutic Bodywork, Injury Recovery,
& Essential Oil Therapy

- Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching (including Women's Health, Pain Management, & more)

- Organic Garlic

 Service Flyer

Inspired Wellness
is held in a yurt (see pic to the left) amidst
the beautiful farm fields of Maine.

Wellness & Writing Shop~

Inspired Wellness Writing!!!.jpg

Botanical Products~

  • Maine Woods Oils of Cedar, Fir, & Pine 

  • Pain Ease Oil

  • Botanical Facial Oils

  • Everlasting Eye Serum

  • Iris Essence Perfume

  • Botanical Beauty Spray

  • Pine Needle Tea

  • Organic Garlic

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