Radical Recovery

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This program is to help guide you in full body recovery. I created it because so many of us suffer from both acute & chronic inflammation from the stress we place on our bodies. Both inactivity and activity can sadly create pain & inflammation. This program can help guide you into full-body recovery by calming inflammation. Certain body healing processes can be disrupted, as well as uncomfortable if we do not give the body what it needs in order to fully repair and recover. Removing inflammation triggers and restoring a healthy balance to the body will promote regeneration of tissues by providing the body what is needs. Remove, Restore, Renew! Follow this program outline and you will be on your way to a healthier body by recovering radically! WE WILL COVER: PART I- REMOVE 1. Inflammation Defined 2. Inflammation Triggers 3. Lactic Acid Flush PART II- RESTORE 4. Supportive supplements & foods 5. Essential oils & other healing modalities PART III- RENEW 6. Recovery stretches /Yoga with areas of focus (videos) 7. Resources/links throughout the program

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