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My name is Cara Iris Miller...

Professionally, I am a Therapeutic Bodyworker, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach, & Aromatherapist. Personally, I am a soul of faith, sun-savorer, herbal gardener & organic garlic grower, trail hiker, tea & coffee lover, book gleaner, genuine introvert, dog rescuer, and continuous learner of the human body & its ability to heal!
It is my joy to edify and inspire others to invest in their wellbeing - body, soul, & spirit! I own Inspired Wellness, which encompasses my love of holistic wellness. I've worked in the wellness & consulting field for 20 years, and hold a Master's degree in Natural Health Sciences. I specialize in women's health, functional nutrition, and helping my clients manage and relieve pain. 
My Credentials & Education:
- Community Health Education (B.S. University of Maine)
- Certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA)
- Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (AFPA)
- Sports Injury Specialist (NESTA) 
- Sports Yoga Instructor (NESTA)
- Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)
- Senior Fit Yoga Instructor (Yoga Fit)
- Gerontology & Functional Aging (NMCC, Blue Zones)
- Therapeutic Chair Massage (Institute for Integrative Healthcare)
- Essential Oil Therapy (Institute for Integrative Healthcare, School for Aromatic Studies)
- Chronic Pain & Massage (Clayton College, Institute for Integrative Healthcare)
- Massage & Cancer (Institute for Integrative Healthcare)
- Neuro Muscular Therapy (Clayton College, Cross Country Education)
- Herbal Medicine (Avena, Clayton College of Natural Medicine)
My zeal for holistic health compels me to press on in learning, researching, and writing! I create wellness-focused e-books & novellas (short fiction).  
I delight in writing about:
- Functional aging & longevity
- Botanical medicine & natural healing
- Living simply & sustainably
* Take a look at MY BOOKS on this site!
I am also the creator of the BLOG...
LOVELY LONGEVITY~ If you are fascinated with the human body and the factors involved in helping us age healthily (or not so healthily), you will enjoy this blog!  I focus on holistic wellness and aging with grace by practicing self-care via botanical medicine, superfoods, essential oils, supplements, skincare, exercise, soul enrichment, and other therapies. Explore & learn how to live a vibrant life!​
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