My name is Cara Iris Miller...

Professionally, I am a Therapeutic Bodyworker, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, & Writer. Personally, I am a soul of faith, sun-savorer, a genuine introvert, botanical grower, trail hiker, wine/tea/coffee lover, book gleaner, and learner of the human body & its ability to heal!
It is my joy to edify and inspire others to invest in their wellbeing - body, soul, & spirit! I own Inspired Wellness, which encompasses my love of holistic wellness  & writing. I've worked in the wellness & consulting field for 20 years, and hold a Master's degree in Natural Health Sciences.
I am also certified in:
- Sports Yoga Instructor
- Sports Injury Specialist 
- Holistic Nutritionist
- Personal Fitness Trainer
- Therapeutic Chair Massage
- Gerontology & Functional Aging
- Therapeutic Essential Oils
- Neuro Muscular Therapy
- Chronic Pain & Massage
- Massage & Cancer
- Skin Pathology
- Herbology
- Travel Writing
My adoration for wellness and writing has led me to become an author. 
Natural wellness-focused books & novellas (short fiction) are my niches. 
I delight in writing about:
- Functional aging & longevity
- Botanical medicine & natural healing
- Depths of  faith & the human soul
- Living simply & sustainably
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I am also the creator of the BLOG...
LOVELY LONGEVITY~ If you are fascinated with how the human body transforms over time and are amazed by the factors involved in helping us age healthily (or not so healthily), you will enjoy this blog!  I focus on wellness and aging with grace by practicing holistic self-care via botanical medicine, superfoods, essential oils, supplements, skincare, exercise, soul enrichment, and other therapies & resources. Learn with me as we explore how to live a vibrant & abundant life!